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Please note: Access to the members area is restricted to paying, active members only. At the end of each season, in-active members are automatically removed from this service.

General rules

Common sense rules apply in the members area. Please do not make derogatory towards other members whether direct or indirect - remember that what you type, though it may seem harmless, can be read in numerous different ways. Age restriction for the members area is the same as the age restriction to the plays. No links to harmful, external websites or websites with excessive advertisements is allowed throughout the forum. Repeated offenses will result in your account being removed.

Common sense rules apply, such as, but not limited to restrictions on;

 - Excessive use of bad language
 - Posting explicit materials

 - Posting offensive or annoying materials

 - Making offensive, harmful or otherwise unnacceptable comments towards other group members past and present.


THIS IS NOT A PUBLIC FORUM. You can be yourselves here, but please be aware that use is restricted entirely to active, paying members only. If you do not pay your subscription fee's to the group, you will be removed from access to the members area without warning.


Please do not post spoilers for the story lines in our performances outside of this forum. This includes character selections and costume pictures.

Administrators of the forum will monitor activity within it and will apply sanctions to offending accounts. In the event of any dispute of such sanctions the administrators may choose to consult with the CBTG committee to decide the outcome of the offending account holders future use of the groups members only areas including access to viewing and posting on the groups forum.

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