about us

Welcome to Castle Bromwich Theatre Group.

Castle Bromwich Theatre Group is a Birmingham based community charity. We have provided entertainment to the public and education and experience to our membership since 1958. Each year, the group performs a minimum of two performances right out of Arden Hall - a community hall run by the local parish council right at the heart of Castle Bromwich.

The group is run by a committee selected each year by way of election. The 2019-20 committee as elected in our 2019 annual general meeting is made up as follows;


Ted Richards

Roy Jackson

Janice Stokes

Roy Jackson

Samantha Crowshaw


Mark Trappett

Daniel Hill
Debbie Wall

Castle Bromwich Theatre Groups registered charity number is 503604.

The group operates a social media feed on Facebook which can be found here.

Directions to Arden Hall, where the group operates, can be found here. Please do not contact Arden Hall for enquiries about the group, to contact us visit this page.

Castle Bromwich Theatre Group is an independent community charity.