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Become our Patron

CBTG are hosting a special event for existing and potential patrons. Anyone can attend the event and become a patron of the group, including you!

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Being a Patron

What does it mean?


Support our group

If you love amateur dramatics like we do, becoming a patron for CBTG is a great way to support the art. Shows are expensive and time consuming. Private patronage helps to fund our ongoing shows and events as well as helping to fund growth in the group and spread our shared love of theatre.


Added Benefits

Our patrons are listed in each event program, whether that be your personal name or the name of your business. We may also include business names in our pantomimes where possible! Patrons will also benefit from early access to ticket sales and entry to our events before the scheduled door open times. Patrons are also welcome to join us at selected rehearsal dates, and for selected events we will offer patrons discounted ticket prices for themselves and their friends and family.


Patron only events

CBTG will host a minimum of one annual patrons event. We only allow a maximum of 100 tickets to be distributed, and patron tickets are free. This is an intimate event with an exclusive performance specifically for our patrons.


A cost effective difference

You can become a patron for as little as £20 per year. This entitles you to all of these benefits and more. Some patrons may choose to increase this donation and every penny you donate will go to the continued support of the group for years to come!


If you're interested in becoming a CBTG patron, you can contact us to find out more.

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